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Sjanine Steyn aka 'SJ' is a self-taught musician/multi-instrumentalist and independent music producer born and raised in South-Africa. 


Growing up in a musical family and being exposed to a lot of live music throughout her fomative years has set her path in stone and inspired her to follow her dreams and interest. She started out as a young alternative/folk singer/songwriter on guitar, busking corners and markets around the country. At some point she picked up the djembe and later progressed to playing drums and doing backing vocals in a few all-girl bands during her younger years.


Behind the curtains SJ took a strong interest to electronic music production at age 17 and has been pursuing her love and passion for the craft ever since. Exploring this new musical outlet opened up a new world and led to the discovery of indie music, nonconforming producers and creatives, which in turn, inspired her to create a DIY platform to showcase them. 


SJ started up The Shimmer Effect with Stephen Mullarkey aka Salook in 2010. The Big Wave Records platform was formed in January 2014 by Sjanine, and later joined by Stephen as partner. 


SJ has a percussive and experimental music style - Sometimes it hits the sweet spots and most of the time it`s slightly off centre. She is driven and motivated by her love for music and the freedom of expression - to leave a footprint of validation that she is here and this is now. She aspires to grow and evolve within her personal musical journey and believes in the power and freedom of independent and free music. Alchesound is her solo project.


GenresElectronic; Experimental; Trip-hop; Glitch; Down-tempo; Ambient; IDM




 Facebook  -  Twitter  -  SoundCloud 


32 Miles - Bushmen Records


32 Miles presents a collection of colorful gems, reflecting an eclectic journey with peaks and valleys of ambient sounds. 

13 Tracks /// Free Download



VapourBushmen Records


Vapour presents a series of progressive compositions with a minimalistic and experimental approach to melodic grooves, beatbreaks and cross-rhythms, mood-swinging through a mist of nostalgia.  7 Tracks /// Free Download

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